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Situated just under 4km from both the quaint center of Stellenbosch and the beautiful nature reserve of Jonkershoek, with kilometers of purpose-built bike trails to suit all skill levels, Ride In serves as a perfect place to arrange bike rental and begin your exploration of the local area in the saddle. Our large car park offers free, secure parking while you are out on your bike and we have free shower facilities so that you can freshen up after your ride.

Bike rental is calculated per person per day and includes a helmet. As a Specialized Ambassador, Ride In offers top of the range, full suspension Specialized mountain bikes for those looking to tackle the stellar single track routes in Jonkershoek or further afield, as well as entry level mtb bikes, town bikes or road bikes for those of you preferring a milder meander around the local area.

If you’d like a local expert to show you around the area, we can also arrange a cycle tour guide to accompany you on your day out. Click here for tour options and booking information

Our Bike Rental Specs and Options

Constructed from lightweight A1 Premium Aluminum in order to provide a compliant, durable platform to support our acclaimed Sport Trail 650b Geometry. Combined, you get a bike that's extremely versatile, making it equally capable on the climbs and descents.

SR Sun tour 650b fork pairs a coil spring with Multi-Circuit Damping (50mm travel)

PLEASE NOTE: These bikes are for using ONLY on jeep tracks as they are not designed for heavy single track usage.

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We have a large number of town bikes for sight seeing around the town of Stellenbosch or popping to a wine farm.

We can offer suggestions and routes for a great day out.

Please note that all the town bikes are back pedal brakes and are single speed.

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We have a small range of road bike for rides around the beautiful wine lands and Boland area. (more information upon request)

The bikes vary, some are full carbon and some are aluminium but all are Shimano 10spd

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The Stump Jumper ST (short travel) with its new tube shapes and an asymmetrical design, the Stumpjumper ST Alloy 29 is sure to exceed your expectations of how a trail bike should ride.

The build here is no-nonsense with a focus on dependable, high-performing parts, like the Shimano SLX rear derailleur, Tektro Gemini disc brakes, a RockShox Recon RL fork with 130mm of travel, a custom X-Fusion 02 Pro RL rear shock with 120mm of travel, and wide alloy wheels.

Please Note:- the Stump Jumper (Short Travel) is an all mountain, mountain bike, it is not an “enduro” bike or “DH” bike, we also have a rider weight restriction of 110kg.

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Turbo Levo is a fully-fledged progressive trail bike. The Levo’s suspension is designed to give you even more control where you need it most.

The initial travel is supple—perfect for smoothing out small bumps and trail chatter. We also added more mid-stroke support, so there’s no wallowing about or blowing through your 150mm of suspension travel on big hits and drops.

The Turbo Levo now gets more distance out of every full charge, so you’ll never have to worry about getting caught on the trail without enough juice to get you home.

Features - RockShox Revelation Charger fork and Deluxe RT rear shock, tough 29-inch alloy wheels cased in Butcher 2.6-inch tires, SRAM GX/S700 11-speed shifting, SRAM Guide RE brakes, and an M5 alloy frame.

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We also have a range of bike accessories for children; we don’t charge for them if your hiring Ride In’s bikes, there is a small fee if not.

There are a few choices depending on age and size of your child.

·         Rear baby seat – for ages 6+ months – 18 months, they must be able to sit up on their own (max 18kgs)

·         Front facing toddler seat, located between the adult’s arms. 18+ months – 3-3half yrs. depending on height. (max 22kgs)

·         Childs pedal assisted Rear trailer, towed behind the adult's bike, 3 – 5yrs

24’’ Childrens Mountain bike (R250 per day)

Ride In bike rental reservation T&C’s

We operate on a strict 100% payment up front for all bookings.

We will not confirm any booking until the full amount has been paid and proof of payment sent to

We will continue to take bookings for any/all dates until your payment is made, so the longer you leave payment there maybe the chance of loosing availability.

If you need to cancel we will refund –

More than one month out 100% less charges

More than 14 days out 75% less charges

More than 7 days out 50% less charges

After 7 days no refund will be given.

Please understand that last minute cancellations cost us money, we might have had to turn down other bookings to hold your bikes.

If you don’t want to pay upfront you’re more than welcome to arrive on the day and see if we have bikes available.

Gavin King (Owner)



You are about to take part in a high-risk activity. You will minimise this risk by following the safety rules and advice in the mountain biker’s responsibility code. If you don’t follow the safety rules and advice you could have a serious accident, which could be fatal.

Hire bikes are assessed by a qualified mechanic prior to being hired but please make sure that you follow the Mountain Bikers Checklist for your own safety (please request a copy if you are not familiar with it), and assess your bike before riding each run. We will attempt to keep bike specifications as close as possible to those shown on the website but occasionally they may differ.

POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION – is required from each hirer, you must bring a valid driving licence or passport and a credit card to leave with us during the duration of hire. No ID, No Card, No rental and No refund!

PAYMENT for hiring is due before or at commencement of hiring. Delays in returning rental bikes will be charged for a full day.

Return: - Bikes must be back before 16h30 Monday – Saturday and 15:45 on a Sunday

THE HIRER IS RESPONSIBLE for the bike and the equipment and will be liable for any loss or damage to the bike or equipment.

We have added an additional fee of R100 to all our dual suspension bikes, Stump Jumper and Levo’s, this is a basic cover for some of the components, which are listed below.

LOSS AND DAMAGE – The hirer will be liable to pay in full the cost of any loss or damage of the bike/equipment. Any damage will be charged for at cost price. Rental bikes should only be ridden on the grade of trail that they are designed for. Any bikes found to have been ridden on a trail above the grade they are designed for will be charge accordingly for damage. Sidewall cuts to tires will be evaluated and charged depending on the age and condition of the tire.

If you wish to opt out of the cover, ask for a refund when you collect the bike, but please be aware that any damage will be at your expense.

NB - NO Insurance companies in South Africa offers full coverage on mountain bike rentals so please ask or check with your holiday insurance to make sure that they do cover you for accidents and for damage to the bike.

The coverage is solely for below stated items in Category A, and does NOT cover items in Category B.

Day Rates
Dual suspension – R100
Entry level – R50
Road bike R50

Multi day rental rates (first 4 days same as day rate, then 5+ days)
Dual suspension – R50
Entry level – R25
Road bike – R25

  • Please read and understand coverage, please ride and check before leaving, that you are happy with the condition of the bike.
  • Please treat and respect the bike as your own
  • Please read bike rental agreement form

Category A – Included in cover
Broken rear derailleur
Broken hanger
Tire wall cut
Broken spokes
Broken brake leaver
Broken saddle
Broken or damaged crank
Broken chain
Broken gear shifter

Category B - NOT included (all below must be settled by renter)
Stolen/lost bike
Damaged or dinted frame
Damaged or dinted/scratched fork
Damaged or dinted/scratched rear shock
Destroyed wheel (beyond reasonable usage)

Disclaimer and indemnity

The Hirer’s use of any bicycles supplied by Ride In is entirely at the Hirer’s own risk. Ride In does not accept any liability for any injuries, losses, or other damages, which any person who uses bicycles supplied by Ride In, or their dependents, may sustain, irrespective of the cause of such injuries, losses or damages.

The Hirer indemnifies Ride In against any claims from dependents or third parties arising from the Hirer’s use of bicycles supplied by Ride In.

If hiring more than one bike for other member of a group the hirer is legally responsible for the other bikes and equipment until all has been returned.

Please note: - If there is any sort of problem with the bike within the first hour you must report it to Ride In, other wise all claims against the bike NOT being up standard are invalid, Ride In phone number is on the bike.

Under NO circumstances can Ride In rental bikes be used for races/racing, mass participation events, there will be a minimum R2000 fine/penalty per bike if they are.

SECURITY – bikes must not be left unattended at any time. Overnight hire is usually not permitted unless on long-term rental, otherwise bikes must be returned to the shop at the end of each day, unless an arrangement or prior consent with Ride In has been made.

NB:- If loss or damage does occur and your charged, we can and will provide documentation for your insurance company so you can claim any loss you should incur

Download these Indemnity Terms and Conditions

The trails in Jonkershoek reserve are rough, challenging and demanding on both bike and body.

We recommend the use of appropriately sized, modern, long-travel, full suspension bikes with good quality hydraulic disk brakes.

Before riding always inspect your equipment or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic. Ensure that all safety precautions are in place and follow them.

Download the FULL Mountain Bike and Equipment CHECKLIST

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